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Shout Box

Latest Message: 2 years ago
  • Tom B a.k.a : hey Denny Remember me? Tom B a.k.a. Tom from Long Beach, I here their is a game WE might be interested in coming Up ROOOLL TIDE
  • Tom B a.k.a : hey Denny Remember M
  • Kim Fleshman : finally able to listen to you in the mornings Denny! So glad to have you on air and have a job where I can listen. Blessings!
  • Jennifer J : miss everyone one here
  • Jennifer J : Happy Tuesday
  • Jennifer J : every time a liberal invokes the name of Reagan I want to throw up in my mouth
  • Jennifer J : Frank thinks Denny is "radical?" Frank should spend 5 minutes talking to me- his head would explode!
  • Jennifer J : sorry tom, feel better quick!
  • Tom C : ya happy weekend, just enjoying my kidney stones going though.
  • Jennifer J : happy weekend, all
  • Jennifer J : denny, I just posted about the same thing on WNWO's FB page, saying I hope we reach the debt ceiling so the lies of the current regime will be exposed.
  • Jennifer J : hey tony ;-)
  • TDinardo : wow... shout box still up and goin'. Good on ya, Denny!
  • Marc Alvord : Holy Cow! Go get 'em Denny!!!
  • Jennifer J : happy tuesday, all
  • Tom C : Morning all
  • Tom C : More tomarrow, thanks Denny.,.
  • Jennifer J : good morning... heading into work and will tune in there
  • Jennifer J : Reading the news items on WRNO's website and LA seems like a very violent place. Mother's killing their children, people burning animals, men raping 5 yo's.....
  • Jennifer J : happy weekend
  • Tom C : Morning all.
  • Karen G. Wed : Denny was right ...bravo for the incoming offers of money help rec'd by Yankee fan, Christian Lopez, who gave hit 3000 ball back to Derek Jeter.
  • Karen G. Wed : I saw Gene on here in the box a couple of weeks ago before we went out of town. Is he still checking in and what is Gene doing now?? I hope Gene has and does call in to the show (in addition to you, Jenn!) as he and Denny had a great dynamic on the Atlanta show.
  • Jennifer J : I want to call the show, but Gene isn't here to encourage me....
  • Marc Alvord : Great call from Jeff!
  • Tom C : morning all
  • Jennifer J : It sounds like that woman wasn't in her right mind when she did the shootings. So sad the signs weren't recognized and she didn't get help.
  • Jennifer J : I had ppd after all three pregnancies. The first time was the worst and lasted about 15 months.
  • Jennifer J : karen, that kid that gave up the ball to Jeters is retarded. He will have to pay taxes on the gifts the ball team gave him, and he said in an interview that he hopes the IRS will cut him a break. yea right!
  • Jennifer J : I wonder if gene still checks out the shout box?

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